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About Us:

Abilities in Action, LLC. believes that persons with disabilities have a right to live within their home community and participate in meaningful work compatible with their interests, skills and abilities. Abilities in Action believes that persons with disabilities are valuable individuals capable of learning and developing. We are committed to helping you lead a rich and full life that is of benefit to self and society.

It is the intention of Abilities in Action to provide, in conjunction with other community partners, a sequence of programs and services that will allow that belief to be realized.

Mission Statement:

     The Mission of Abilities in Action, LLC. is to provide the highest quality, customer-focused services to help maximize marketable work skills, vocational satisfaction, foster independence, community inclusion and self-esteem of persons served.


  • Everyone have a Right to be treated with Dignity and Respect
  • Everyone have a right to express their views and define their goals and to be listened to
  • Everyone has a responsibility to be productive, contributing members of their community

Abilities in Action advocates with persons with disabilities for freedom of choice, participation in decision making, self-worth and belonging and provides an array of vocational services to foster those goals.